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IED reveals updated Cisitalia 202 E concept
by Rufus Thompson   
The E Concept has maintained the key characteristics of the original design. Click for larger images
Cisitalia 202 E is the latest Geneva concept car from the Italian design school

IED will reveal the Cisitalia 202 E Concept – a modern version of the Pininfarina-designed 1947 Cisitalia 202 – at next month's Geneva motor show.

The original 202 revolutionized the way designers viewed automotive design
The flowing lines of the body emphasized the idea of a single entity

Design students of the Master of Arts in Transportation Design developed the Cisitalia 202 E (Evolution) Concept at the IED in Turin as part of their work experience program during the 2010-2011 academic year.

IED has announced that, "the concept faithfully reflects the design of the historic vehicle, with dimensions and power aligned with modern times."

Technical partners of the project include CECOMP (prototype construction), Pirelli, OZ Racing and ABET Laminati.

The original Cisitalia 202 was produced until 1952 and was based on a tubular chassis, and was the first the presented the different external elements as one volume. In many ways it is regarded as one of the first truly modern piece of automotive design.

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