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CDR Trend Insight – Downsizing the ‘Allroad’ Aesthetic
by Car Design Research   
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The ‘Allroad' aesthetic is trickling down to the A-segment. The look is so-called because it was led by Audi's range of Allroad products, which raise the ride height, add lower body cladding and subtly change detailing of the mainstream estate car products. Volvo's XC and Skoda's Scout models do similar things, but until now, we've not seen this aesthetic approach applied to the smallest segment of cars. However, three recent models show how the look is trickling down and being applied to what are traditionally seen as city cars, too.

Downsizing the ‘Allroad' Aesthetic

Opel Adam Rocks
The Adam Rocks concept, also shown at Geneva, adds not only the lower body cladding, but a folding canvas roof to the Adam’s fashion repertoire, keeping it very much on-trend.

Fiat Uno Way
The Uno is an example of how a small amount of body cladding, roof rails and rise in ride height lends extra attitude and toughness to a regular car. This look has strong appeal in markets such as the Uno's home of Brazil.

VW Cross Up
The Cross Up – shown at Geneva – features lower body cladding, a pair of roof-rails and contrast silver bash plates to give it a more ‘rugged’ quality than its regular counterpart.

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