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Art Center College of Design Spring Show 2007
Rick Chen - ZhongHua 2+1 Urban Jet. Click for larger images
Carey Lyn - Lamborghini
David Olsen - Lotus Excel
Volkswagen Beetle by Jonathan Szczupak
Saab Eco-X by Brian Oh

Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, held its Spring semester graduation Show in April, showcasing a diverse assortment of design proposals for brands ranging from Lamborghini and Ferrari to Chevrolet, Saab and ZhongHua. The show featured work from 16 graduating students in the Bachelor of Science - Transportation Design program. 

Carey Lyn - SEAT
Allen Pinkerton
Acura interior by Chad Philips

Rick Chen - ZhongHua 2+1 Urban Jet
ZhongHua 2+1 Urban Jet is a unique concept vehicle that studies the possible future direction for the brand's design DNA. The vehicle's proportions, forms, and graphics are inspired by clean, elegant, and soft spoken classical Chinese designs that represent an Asian view of luxury. Powered by an EV drivetrain and manufactured out of light composites, the overall stance of the vehicle gives a fresh and dramatic interpretation of what exotic sports cars can be in the future. Combining luxury in a small package, the proposal is for the year 2035.         

Carey Lyn - Lamborghini : Slicing the wind in new ways
Lamborghini is known for setting trends like the rugged LM. This project is to show how the company can start another trend with a performance crossover in the lineup. Geared toward the wealthy hard working segment of Lamborghini buyers who also desire to share the experience with significant people in their life, this V10, front-engined crossover can carry four passengers while keeping with Lamborghini's heritage. The exotic Italian style combined performance with classic Lamborghini proportions.

David Olsen - Lotus Excel
Olsen's senior thesis was a proposal to revive the performance sedan by Lotus. The last sedan from Lotus was called the Excel, the name resurrected in this project. The philosophy behind the design is one of raw elegance. Raw, being that Lotus always puts the track and lightweight components first. Elegant, being that a sedan also needs to consider driver and passenger experience.

The Excel incorporates a type of gull-wing door to simulate the experience of entering an F1 car. The two-tone breakup is displaying the structural underbody while showcasing the high-contrast, elegant upper body. The engine has been placed behind the rear passenger delivering a better weight balance than most other sedans.

Chad Phillips - MINI: The living interior
This project showcases brand identity through interior design, and build on how that experience can celebrate the interaction between car and occupant. The Living Interior starts 'life' as a neutral environment ready for the user's input to bring it to life. Through the use of layered textiles that intentionally wear away to reveal more exciting textiles underneath, pixel panels that display road use as colorful age spots, and movable interface modules that rely on software to allow for infinite flexibility.

Jonathan Szczupak - Volkswagen Beetle
Szczupak sought to combine two of Volkswagen's most iconic designs in creating this modern interpretation of the historic people's car. By blending the classical lines of the Beetle with the focused stance of the Corrado, Szczupak has successfully continued the legend of Volkswagen icons. The proposal, clearly influenced by the recent Volkswagen IROC concept, is a much clearer sporting take on the New Beetle.

Brian Oh - Saab Eco-x
With global warming becoming a major concern the industry is searching for alternatives to fuel our transportation. Designed for the year 2015, the Saab Eco-x utilizes the GM E-flex drive system and is driven exclusively through battery power. Inspired by signature Scandinavian furniture design, the Eco-x is characterized by clean, purposeful lines and modern, yet classic proportions. Instantaneous off-the-line torque and more importantly, zero greenhouse gas emissions, allows users of the Eco-x to experience driving excitement with a clean conscience.