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  • AuotonoMIA-07

    Pininfarina announces new tool to aid UX design


    The company has formed strategic partnerships to advance user experience design with the AutonoMIA demonstrator

  • Luc Donckerwolke in Namyang taping

    Luc Donckerwolke resigns from Hyundai


    Surprise resignation at Hyundai: Luc Donckerwolke has resigned from his position as chief designer of the Group

  • ICON-Launch-3

    In-car virus busters


    We are used to seeing futuristic in-car santising solutions in concept cars for an autonomous future but it seems recent Covid-related events have triggered a rush to market in China, and they are already in production cars.

  • Matthew Weaver_Nissan Design Europe vice president

    Matthew Weaver promoted to Nissan Design Europe vice president


    Matthew Weaver, already the design director of Nissan Design Europe, is being promoted to the role of vice president within the Japanese OEM’s London-based studio, in step with Nissan lifer Mamoru Aoki stepping down to retire after 39 years with the company

  • ventilator 1191402793-vector

    UK Government calls for ventilator help


    In the past weeks, many companies have been asking what they can do to assist with the rapid production of ventilators to assist with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Design consultancies, large carmakers, small engineering firms, and everyone in-between are keen to offer their assistance at this critical time. 

  • Large-40593-2021Elantra

    Hyundai launches the 2021 Elantra


    Hyundai has launched its seventh-generation Elantra compact sedan for the US market, in Los Angeles

  • LR ProductionGL8AV

    Buick reveals production version of GL8 Avenir luxury MPV


    Buick has revealed the production version of its China-only GL8 Avenir luxury MPV, and, to no one’s no surprise, it looks much like the concept introduced at the Shanghai Auto Show last year.

  • 19 02 14 Adventum Coupe front

    First Sight: Van Roij Adventum Coupe


    Van Roij Design’s two-door Range Rover conversion brings some old-school dignity to the world of customised SUVs

  • 2021 Hyundai Elantra teaser_rear

    Hyundai teases 2021 Elantra


    Hyundai has released teaser images and a video previewing its new Elantra sedan for 2021

  • Czinger-03

    Czinger completes motor show stand, plans London reveal


    American supercar startup Czinger have set up their stand from the cancelled Geneva Motor Show, now in London

  • Bentley Mulliner Bacalar - 1

    Bentley Mulliner Bacalar


    Undaunted by the cancellation of the Geneva show, Bentley introduced its ultra-exclusive limited edition Bacalar at its headquarters at Crewe Tuesday. The open-top car, based on the Continental GT convertible chassis, is limited to a production of twelve, and, naturally, they are all already spoken for

  • 2020 DS Aero Sport Lounge concept (07) - front-on

    The DS Aero Sport Lounge proposes satin, straw and ultrasonic gesture control as the new French luxury


    Parent company PSA’s bid to make the historic DS name feel like a truly standalone new brand took another conceptual step in the right direction with its Aero Sport Lounge unveil this week. With the threat of virus contamination stopping real-world Geneva Motor Show proceedings Car Design News got on the phone to DS’s design director Thierry Métroz instead to talk through its importance.

  • 2020 Aston Martin V12 Speedster-17

    Aston Martin V12 Speedster breezes onto the web


    Aston Martin has debuted a special collector edition of the Vantage, with the V12 from the DBS and an open-air design

  • 2020 Audi A3 Sportback-19

    Fourth-generation Audi A3 has landed


    Audi debuted the new 2020 A3 Sportback online in the midst of the cancellation of the Geneva Motor Show

  • SAIC cartoon cropped for LinkedIn

    Cartoons versus covid-19


    How SAIC Design (Shanghai) produced a series of cartoons to keep people safe from covid-19

  • 0.1-Czinger-21C-Lightweight-track-configuration-in-Geneva-International-Motor-Show-configuration

    Czinger previews 21C hybrid hypercar


    California based Czinger Vehicles was set to debut its 21C 3D printed hybrid supercar at the Geneva Motor Show. Alas…

  • Koenigsegg Gemera_exterior_2

    Koenigsegg debuts all-new Gemera four-seater


    Koenigsegg has revealed the third model in its range. The Gemera will soon sit alongside the hybrid Regera and all-engine Jesko ‘megacars’

  • _Renault MORPHOZ (19) - ext front-on retracted

    First Sight: Up close with Renault’s shape-shifting Morphoz


    Luckily Car Design News had already seen Renault’s Geneva Motor Show concept car up close and personal in Paris a week before the Swiss event got cancelled. Now the embargo has lifted here’s the lowdown on the remarkable vari-sized vehicle and its innovative interior direct from some of the key designers behind the project…

  • P90384987_highRes_bmw-concept-i4-02-20

    BMW reveals Concept i4


    BMW has launched the near-production Concept i4 gran coupé which, as expected, builds on the design language set out in the Concept 4 from Frankfurt 2019

  • Koenigsegg Jesko under wraps (Geneva 2019)

    Geneva Motor Show officially cancelled due to Coronavirus threat


    The 2020 Geneva Motor Show and Car Design Night are both cancelled due to the threat of the COVID-19 coronavirus.