Interior Motives

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  • CDN_InteriorMotives-S19_GAC_ENTRANZE_DESIGN_INT_06
    Interior Motives

    GAC Entranze - designed to share experiences


    Chinese automotive company GAC used virtual reality technology to connect the China and LA studios’ together to design this striking crossover-MPV for the Detroit auto show in 2019. Look inside and the fresh approach to the MPV typology becomes even more apparent - led by Pontus Fontaeus, its interior materials, textures and shapes create some really interesting themes for travelling with friends or family in the connected age

  • CDN_InteriorMotives-S19_IMG_0692_ultrafabrics
    Interior Motives

    Interior Focus: Trim & Materials


    From Interior Motives magazine: New materials, textiles and techniques are enabling greater experimentation and creativity in the automotive sector, driven by design curiosity, a genuine desire for development, and changing consumer tastes and demands, particularly with regard to sustainability. Attention is being paid to both raw materials and end-of-life recycling – with some quite startling sources for new textiles and fabrics making their industrial debuts 

  • CDN-IM_Citroen Ami One_wheel-sketch
    Interior Motives

    Interior Motives – Summer 2019


    In this issue: Citroën Ami One, Audi AI:ME, Polestar 2, GAC Entranze, FIAT Centoventi, Hispano-Suiza Carmen

  • CDN-IM_Speedtail sketch final 2 LIGHTER
    Interior Motives

    Interior Motives – Spring 2019


    In this Issue: McLaren Speedtail, Peugeot 208, Renault Clio, YFAI XiM20, Tata H2X Concept, Infiniti QX Inspiration

  • 010_ranger__90a0056
    Interior Motives

    Interior Motives - Winter 2018/19


    In this issue: Rivian R1T, Porsche 911 (992), Mercedes-Benz EQC, Rolls-Royce Cullinan, Ford Ranger, Renault EZ-Ultimo, Focus on Seating and more

  • bmw-3-500x333
    Interior Motives

    Interior Motives – Autumn 2018


    In this issue: BMW 3-Series, Lada 4x4 Vision, DS 3 Crossback, Opel GT X Experimental, Peugeot e-Legend, Focus on Autonomy and more

  • im_summer18_01fordfocus_500x300
    Interior Motives

    Interior Motives – Summer 2018


    In this issue: Ford Focus; Changan Oshan NuAge; Geely Concept Icon; Kia Ceed; Renault EZ-GO; Lincoln Aviator; and a detailed dive into Trim & Materials

  • Tim Pilsbury
    Interior Motives

    Interior Motives - Spring 2018


    In this issue: Lagonda Vision Concept, Icona Nucleus, Tata H5X, Tata 45X, TVR Griffith, GAC Enverge and FOCUS on Technology.

  • jaguar_x540_500x300
    Interior Motives

    Interior Motives - Summer 2017


    In this issue: Jaguar E-Pace, Nio Eve, Audi E-Tron Sportback, Genesis GV80 Concept, Tata Tamo Racemo, HK H600 by Pininfarina, Trim & Materials Focus

  • mazda_03_ext-yohaku_furont
    Interior Motives

    Interior Motives - Winter 2017-2018


    In this issue: Mazda Vision Coupé, Nissan IMx, Toyota Tj Cruiser, Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride, Redspace REDS, Renault Symbioz and FOCUS on Seating.