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Future intelligent urban air mobility system



Our future is the sky. Transportation are expanding into the vertical dimension. While the ground is becoming over crowded, the sky provides vast space for growth and development. Please provide your solutions for future intelligent urban air mobility system.

Imagine a vertical future, in all aspects of daily life. Living, working, commuting, travelling – not on 2D ground, but in a limitless 3D space.

Within this future, we focus on the field of travel and transportation – personal, as well as commercial. What elements in the customer journey from point A to point B have to be adapted, if we add a third spatial dimension to it? What new technologies and systems can help simplify people`s lives and make them more efficient?

Give your imagination space to envision this future. Would you commute to the office in a drone? Or on a family trip? What if there was a flying express (food, coffee, flower delivery, etc.) -delivery, or drone races you could participate in? Imagine a future in which vertical transportation has become the omnipresent standard.


Please design the interior or exterior of flying vehicle that fulfils a certain use-case (e.g. commuting, traveling, emergency, shopping, wedding, racing, etc.) in that future. Please regard new energy as the main power solution (electric, solar, hydrogen, wind energy, etc.).

Please regard the air vehicle design as the main task, meanwhile, it is highly encouraged to explore the eco-system in the air, e.g. topics below:

  1. How can this air-vehicle be combined or connected to current, ground-based mobility? Visualize a use case for how ground-transport can profit from air-transportation (e.g. landing place, service robots, ground to air transferring, etc.).
  2. What can be air-transport specific design? Visualize new solutions of elements/components/ accessories/extensions for interior /exterior /air-lifestyle , uniquely for aircrafts.


  1. Holistic exterior and interior design concepts with sketches & rendering is required. Focusing on either exterior or interior is acceptable.
  2. Scenarios are required to enrich your story.
  3. Please show your work into 2 posters (mandatory), videos & animations are encouraged.