CREAPOLE, established as one of the leading design institutions in France, educates aspiring design leaders and thinkers. Since its foundation in 1981, its core philosophy has been to use targeted design to facilitate human life and to amplify and strengthen creations through human diversity.

Located in the heart of Paris, the college campus is spread over 3500m2 between the Louvre and the Centre Georges Pompidou.

Professional Engagement

With more than 30 years experience and a network of more than 9000 professional partners, CREAPOLE engages itself to find, for their students, 3 mandatory internships lasting up to 13 months. CREAPOLE, also, assists every student in creating resumes, cover letters and portfolios.

With a professional team entirely dedicated to this service, CREAPOLE prides itself in finding jobs for over 90 % of its graduates over a 6 months period in companies like Mercedes Benz, Ubisoft, Lancel, Louis Vuitton, Toyota, Publicis Dior in Europe to Nike and Honda.

CREAPOLE’s graduates establish themselves firmly in their field of expertise and examples of their successes are the design of the NAO robot, the French 10, 20 & and 50 cent euro coin, the exterior design of DS Divine Concept, the interior design of the Mercedes S-Class Coupe Concept as well as over 100 different models for sportswear giants Adidas and Nike including the official Nike footwear of the 2016 Football Euro Cup and Rio Olympic Games.


College structure

The courses available at CREAPOLE begin with 1 year of Foundation Studies followed by 2-4 further years into one of the cursus at CREAPOLE to pursue their studies to a 3 or 5 years degree in :

• Fashion Design

• Visual Communication and Multimedia

• Product Design and Innovation

• Transportation Design and Mobility

• Interior Architecture

• Cinema Animation and Video Game Design

• Art Design and Luxury


Transportation Design graduate program

Finding CREAPOLE graduates in major companies of the automotive industry is quite common. Toyota, GM, PSA, Honda, Ford, Nissan, Dacia, Renault (and many more) all have / had graduates from CREAPOLE designing (interiors and exteriors) cars for them.

Some of their major design successes are made by graduates from CREAPOLE like the I-Cockpit from Peugeot.

Combined with a case study philosophy, CREAPOLE also benefits from masterclasses, workshops and lectures with guests such as Takumi YAMAMOTO (designer of the Supercar) or graduates such as Steeve BURKHALTER (Interior Designer for Mercedes).


Every year also sees collaborations with companies like Toyota, Honda, Peugeot Motocycles or Matra for real case studies.

The content of the Transportation Design cursus leans of all the fundamentals (traditional techniques (clay modelling, calligraphic studies) as well as the latest digital technologies such as 3D printing). Using those fundamentals and focusing on the end-user benefits, the students from CREAPOLE are able to create hundreds of cars and products that are innovative, creative and marketable every year all year round.

Upon completion, the 5 years Transportation Design cursus is validated by a state recognized diploma in Industrial Design.



















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