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  • NDA entry long

    Studio Visit: Nissan Design America


    With an eclectic spirit fostered by the late Jerry Hirshberg, the California satellite studio in La Jolla is a designer’s sanctuary with a storied history

  • All-Electric F-150 Lightning_Exterior_Sketch_1

    Opinion: Rollin’ coal, culture wars and Ford’s ‘Truck of the Future’


    In the United States, the ICE versus EV debate became a battleground in an ongoing culture war. But as more and more combustion era icons go electric, can design help cut through the noise and usher in a new automotive culture?

  • street-scene-1-small

    Opinion: The car remains king in Barratt Homes Britain


    From automation, EVs and new ideas of urbanism – the role of the car is under question when it comes to urban centres. Venture outside metropolitan areas and you will find a new suburbia designed and built with the car at its heart. Good news for any OEMs wedded to the status quo but a challenge for proponents of new ideas of mobility 

  • Hengchi

    Chinese design talent dominates in Shanghai


    Shanghai proved a more relaxed affair than Beijing last year, PR nightmares for Tesla not withstanding, with European OEMs playing second fiddle to a slew of new launches by homegrown talent such as Arcfox, Nio and Xpeng

  • Polestar_Precept_042

    Can we design cars without killing the planet?


    It’s Earth Day, and car design should play a key role

  • lamborghini-reventon-0125.jpg

    Post Opulence: A Softer Tomorrow?


    A decade or more of adversarial design and in-your-face attitudes has left us in need of a breather. Might a new era of post-opulent aesthetics mellow us out? Aidan Walsh hopes so. 

  • Transformation of G, H, I Buildings 2

    Opinion: Transforming old into new


    Revered retrofit architects Lacaton & Vassal’s recent Pritzker Prize win poses some interesting questions for car designers, writes CDN editor James McLachlan

  • Delorean1

    Review – DeLorean: Back from the Future


    A testament to hubris wrought in stainless steel – the DeLorean story elevated the act of building a car into the realms of Shakespearean tragedy. A fascinating new BBC documentary profiles the man at the heart of it 

  • 2022 GMC HUMMER EV

    Car Design News partners with GMC to bring you the Hummer EV


    The Hummer EV counters preconceived ideas of the nameplate thanks to its innovative design and technology, Car Design News partners with GMC to give you the lowdown

  • oldsmobile_aurora_69

    The three-box sedan: requiem or revival?


    Stateside, the three-box sedan seems to be in retreat with VW withdrawing the Passat and Lincoln phasing out the Continental. Is it all over for this time-honoured format, or does its future simply lie elsewhere in the world?

  • Gemera_Design_Story19

    Car Design News: Best stories of 2020


    The editorial team at Car Design News highlights their favourite stories of the year: Lucid Motors, Jeep and Land Rover all make an appearance

  • model 3 dashboard .jpeg

    Comment: Too much minimalism?


    Everyone is a minimalist these days, but beyond being a handy catch-all for pared back aesthetics, what does the term mean for car design? Are designers sacrificing ornament at the altar of functionality as embodied by touchscreens? 

  • CDN_CDR6-SangYup Lee

    CDR 7: SangYup Lee, Hyundai


    Hyundai’s design kingpin SangYup Lee on the Prophecy, Dieter Rams, and why he wants to create a car range that is like a chess set 

  • Cadillac-LYRIQ-025

    Hitting the e-SUV spot


    OEMs are rushing to bring out more electric SUVs in a bid to meet emissions targets and protect margins. But they will require innovations in design and engineering to stay desirable and competitive in an increasingly crowded field

  • 00-Metro launch 3

    The Metro: An Unexpected Journey


    A stellar online exhibition on the Austin Metro by the British Motor Museum prompted an unexpected A-series engine-powered trip down memory lane for CDN editor James McLachlan 

  • Hyundai Prophecy ext - mood render

    Concept Cars: All Dressed Up With Nowhere to Show?


    The star turns of the motor show, concept cars provoke, excite and inspire. But what happens to the special guests when the party is cancelled?

  • Ujina_Plant_Hiroshima_Paint_Shop_Mazda_MX-5_2

    How Mazda matched colour with design


    Mazda has developed paint coatings and application technology to fit with its vehicle design philosophy to both enhance the aesthetics and be environmentally sustainable

  • Gran Turismo Red Bull X2010_1-1 model (16x9)

    Concept Car of the Month: Gran Turismo Red Bull X1 (2010-19)


    Looking back to when a Formula 1 team and a video game studio collaborated to design the ultimate racing car

  • Cord 812

    Design Essay: how adversity shapes cars


    The changing face of car design through difficult times is in fact a prime example of humanity’s remarkable adaptability and resilience – not to mention our collective mood.

  • Citroen Ami  CL 20.006.001 9

    Are ’quadri-mobiles' the future of small cars?


    Over the last ten to fifteen years, a combination of more rigorous regulatory demands and increasing customer expectations conspired to create the finest superminis ever made. One look at cars like the Volkswagen Up or the latest Hyundai i10 is enough to realise that buyers of entry-level models never had it so good