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    GAC VIP Lounge concept


    One of the surprise hits of today's Shanghai auto show was this four-door luxury sedan displayed by Guangzhou Auto (GAC) - a Chinese joint venture with Honda and Toyota. Dubbed the VIP-Lounge Concept, the design study wears the company's independent GAC brand label and is rumored to have been created ...

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    Toyota FT-86


    Having made a name for eco with the Prius, now Toyota looks set to define ego with its new 2+2 coupe, the FT-86. And it looks superb.

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    Toyota FT-EV II


    The first FT-EV was based on the iQ, and now Toyota is previewing the production model due 2012.

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    Toyota 4Runner


    Although debuting at the Texas Fair six weeks ago, the LA Auto Show was the international show debut of this important new production design from Toyota.

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    Toyota Sienna


    This is perhaps the most significant international production design debut of the show.

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    Toyota FT-CH


    Toyota chose the Detroit auto show to unveil the FT-CH concept, a compact four-passenger vehicle that was created in response to customer and dealer demand for a greater variety of hybrid choices.

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    Toyota Prius V


    The Prius' success for Toyota is undoubted, not just in sales terms but also in image building, much of which can be attributed to the Prius's unique design identity. While Prius III moved slightly away from the 2004 car's hugely successful design, it maintained the hallmark of what it helped ...

  • Toyota Hilux 2016 01

    New Car: Toyota HiLux (2015)


    Eighth-generation HiLux adds luxury to the car's functional brief

  • Lexus Lf Sa Design Development 01

    Design Development: Lexus LF-SA concept


    How Lexus' tiny Geneva concept grew from an internal research projec

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    Design Contest: Toyota opens forklift design competition for European students


    Toyota Material Handling Europe has launched its latest design competition. Following the inaugural competition held two years ago that asked students to create a new tow tractor, the latest edition concentrates on creating "a forklift like you've never seen before."

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    Nissan’s LMP1 car rethinks proportions


    How do you make a the World Endurance Championship-winning Toyota TS040 and Audi R8 e-tron LMP1 cars look a bit same-same?

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    Toyota Tacoma is a truck well done


    Pickups are still big news in the US, with a recent resurgence in the mid-sized sector, currently led by the Chevrolet Colorado/GMC Canyon. This new Toyota Tamcoma suggests the home team might not have it all their own way, however

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    The Toyota Mirai: is the most important car of the show undermined by its looks?


    The Toyota Mirai represents what promises to the future of the industry in terms of power source as the first genuinely mass-produced hydrogen fuel cell car

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    Motor sport makes its presence felt


    With the balance sheets of most car makers now back in the black, the number of manufacturer-backed motor sport vehicles scattered around the show floor caught our eye

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    Toyota GT 86/Subaru BRZ: so near yet so, so far


    The Toyota GT 86/Subaru BRZ should be a knock-out – a small, light and agile coupe is surely right up everyone’s strasse

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    Photo Gallery: Toyota production cars


    Photo Gallery: Toyota production cars

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    Turn the lights down low…


    The Honda exhibition wasn’t the only show stand with dim lighting – we found the same to be true at cross town rival Toyota

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    Video: Tokuo Fukuichi, Toyota’s Design Chief, on the Fun-Vii concept


    A younger generation disenfranchised with the automobile is a very real and troubling issue with the automobile industry in Japan. Marketers, designers and engineers are trying hard to cater to this demographic, looking for anything that will resonate with generation Y and Z

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    Tokyo’s Smart Mobility City


    Every automaker with an environmentally efficient vehicle was showcasing it at this year’s Smart Mobility City exhibition space

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    Photo Gallery: Toyota concept cars


    Photo Gallery: Toyota concept cars