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IED Barcelona

IED Barcelona is the most international and multicultural education center in Spain; 65% of its students are international students and a 36% of its courses are taught in English. It offers Undergraduate Degrees in Design, Bachelors of Arts (Honours) validated by the University of Westminster, IED Diplomas, Master and Postgraduate Courses, Continuing Study Programs and Summer Courses, on the areas of Fashion, Design, Visual Communication and Management.

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Scholarship Contest 2019

Start your professional future in an international environment!

IED Barcelona rewards talent and that’s why we invite you to participate in our scholarship contest for the academic year 2019–20. By submitting a project, you can win a scholarship covering up to 100% of your course tuition fees!

The theme of the competition this year is “As a designer, what can you contribute to improve the future?”. This theme applies to contestants from all courses.

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Closing date: 5th April 2019

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Art Direction and Still Life photography by Kiwi Bravo

Undergraduate Degree in Transportation Design

Course overview

The Undergraduate Degree in Transportation Design (English) and El Título Superior en Diseño de Transporte (Spanish) prepare professionals who are capable of designing not only vehicles, but also transportation systems and accessories related to the sector. Interior and exterior designers for transportation vehicles able to meet commercial, psychological and social needs related to mobility.

Both courses provide students with the necessary knowledge on physical and functional characteristics to manufacture a product. The ability to solve problems and needs emerging during the elaboration processes, along with being able to determine the product quality and its introduction into markets, is enhanced.

“IED Design trains designers to be capable of anticipating and catering for the needs of society and individuals in their interaction with objects and spaces.”

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