Santa Cruz, CA, United States






Industrial Designer

As an Industrial Designer at Joby you will be expected to envision the future of air transportation and make it a reality. Working closely with other designers and engineers you will have the opportunity to create both production and conceptual vehicles. You must have the ability to create compelling Interior and Exterior designs while having a keen eye for user experience and production feasibility. Top-notch sketching and design modeling skills are required, production experience in Automotive or Aerospace products a big plus.


  • Create design proposals for both Interior and Exterior programs and follow from quick ideation sketches to final production surfaces.
  • Work with other team members to bring designs into production.
  • Create design research content including; brand identity, customer profiles, design inspiration and material research.
  • Fabricate/direct mockups and prototype builds to prove out your designs.

User Interface Designer

Working as a UI Designer on our Design Team you will be an integral part of developing a groundbreaking aircraft. As a team player, you will be expected to work closely with other designers, engineers and customers to create interfaces for multiple user groups across different product lines. We are looking for a creative and highly motivated individual. You should feel excited to help define the visual identity of the aircraft, brand and service. Together we can define the future of air mobility.


  • Develop visual effects, animation and other visual elements.
  • Develop diversified personalized UI design themes.
  • Responsible for creating UI design standard including; Set up the design of font, icon, animation and other effects across multiple devices while maintaining a cohesive identity.
  • Responsible for updating, releasing and controlling design standards according to functional requirements.
  • Pay close attention to the trends in various fields such as human-computer interaction, visual communication and animation dynamic effects.

Color & Material Designer

We are searching for a skilled Color and Materials expert to help us shape the future of Air mobility. Working in our design team, you will be responsible for all CMF design activities for both Interior and Exterior projects. This includes Color and Material selection, designing graphics and patterns and helping to define the visual Identity of the brand down to the smallest details. You should also be able to create comprehensive user and trend research and work with other designers, engineers and suppliers to create beautiful, functional and feasible interior.


  • Define and implement Material and Finishes for both production and conceptual programs.
  • Create a Color and Material vision that can be implemented across a diverse range of products and applications.
  • Source materials to maintain innovation within the CMF library.
  • Research and connect with suppliers to bring your design vision to life with materials that can be certified to FAA standards.
  • Create innovative patterns and graphics that can help define the identity of the brand.
  • Color mastering.

3D Modeler

We are looking for a highly talented 3D modeler to help realize the future of urban mobility. Working closely with designers and engineers, you will be creating beautiful, functional and feasible designs for both production and conceptual projects. You should be self-motivated and driven to work on a wide variety of projects and have the ability to quickly model initial design concepts while also working on mature, production ready surfaces.


  • Work with designers to translate 2D sketch work and design models into production surfaces.
  • Create quality 3D models in accordance to design criteria using Alias/ICEM.
  • Manage 3D workflow between engineering and design.
  • Skilled at capturing design intent while recognizing criteria and project limitations.
  • Interact closely with designers, engineers and modeling staff.