KW Associates

Kinetic Will Associates (KWA) provides a full A-to-Z creative design service to a range of well-know auto industry clients. Since 2007, KWA’s experts have worked on styling, digital modelling, physical modelling, engineering, prototyping and more of both show cars and production cars for a host of carmakers.

We believe that everything is possible, and use our experience of more than 10 years to think beyond the normal and challenge the expectations of the automotive industry.



Daeshik Kim

Founder and Executive Design Director

Daeshik Kim is the founder & executive design director of Kinetic Will Associates Inc. KWA is a global transportation design company that has been performing various projects in the car industry with many companies, in both development & design. Kim’s academic background is in mechanical engineering, which he studied at the University of Toledo, Ohio. He went on to study transportation design in La Tour-de-Peilz, Switzerland, at Art Center Europe, and received a degree in transportation design from Art Center in Pasadena, USA. Following this, he worked as a designer at Pininfarina, before moving to the position of senior design manager of the premium brand line-up for Hyundai. He left Hyundai to form KWA in 2008. In addition to his responsibilities at KWA, Kim lectures at Hongik University in South Korea.



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