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  • Lancia Dialogos 2

    Concept Car of the Week: Lancia Dialogos (1998)


    For any brand with a long heritage, there is always a tension between the past and future. The past is a rich source of design ideas, but can also hinder the need to drive the brand’s image and design language into the future. How do you reconcile the two?

  • Lancia Medusa 01

    Concept Car of the Week: Lancia Medusa (1980)


    When was the last time the humble family car paradigm was thoroughly questioned and progress made? Yes we’ve made huge strides in terms of refining and finessing details, but the overall concept hasn’t changed since Giorgetto Giugiaro defined the segment with his 1974 Volkswagen Golf.

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    Lancia Delta


    This is an important new car for Lancia, as the brand has been limping for several years now with a odd range comprising of the small Ypsilon and Musa and the larger Thesis sedan and Phedra MPV.

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    Lancia Delta HPE concept


    The Lancia Delta of 1980 was the first compact front wheel drive Lancia, sharing its platform with the same size Strada from parent company Fiat, and was one of the most distinctively elegant cars in the class as well as one of Giugiaro's best designs.

  • Lancia Megagamma 01

    Concept Car of the Week: Lancia Megagamma (1978)


    “You’ve designed a car for plumbers!” was one of the kinder things said about the blocky little five-door hatchback revealed at the Lancia stand at the 1978 Turin Auto Show.

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    Comment: This is not a Lancia


    It’s easy to be convinced by the Fiat-Chrysler group rhetoric about the future of brands, and what’s going on with badge engineering right now