Angfu Li
Zhejiang Sci-Tech University
Tell us more about the concept?
I spent about 3 weeks on my Bugatti project. So it was a quick project. The concept came up with the thinking of how the L4 Autonomous driving system works on the luxury off-road vehicle. Passengers don't need to operate when the vehicle is driving on the road. At the same time, they are able to relax and chat together. But the vehicle can't drive itself in a complex natural environment. Besides, I was thinking about when the driver is manually driving off-road, he doesn’t expect for high speed, but a good vision to control the stance of the vehicle. That's the reason why I made a structure that can slide up and down for the rear seats. I think this is the key point of how I came up with my design.

What made you enter the competition?
I entered the Magna 2020 Global Bold Perspective Award by participating in the CDN Student Awards China 2020. So my work was actually done for the Volkswagen innovation center. That's why I could choose the Bugatti brand which is one of the Volkswagen Group sub-brands. Thanks to Mr. Erickson, Magna Exteriors’ Global Director for selecting my work into the competition.

What does it mean to have won the China region?
The most important meaning for me to win the China region is to prove the value of my design. Of course, it's a huge encouragement of my design career and also a great opportunity to show creative ideas on behalf of Chinese students on the international stage.

Why did you get into automotive design?
I think I am a kind of petrol-head. This is a big reason why I get into automotive design. Meanwhile, I was studying product design at school and I saw some cool sketches of car design. Then I was attracted and began to learn automotive design.

What’s next for you?
I have got an interview for PSA Group China recently and I'm looking forward to the internship there. Now I'm still practicing old stuff and learning new things. I'm learning Blender and trying to put the software into my workflow.