Chanwoo Winner - web


Chanwoo Park
College of Creative Studies
North America
What made you enter the competition?
Usually, I like designs and ideas with stories that enhance the quality of human life. That's why I always looking for low-barrier solutions that allow everyone the freedom to travel and work that can be achieved with ease. The concepts in this competition are judged on their innovation, along with social value and sustainability. I thought it fits well with the design belief I'm pursuing.

What does it mean to have won the North America region?
After completing my junior semester at ccs, I have always been thinking about what true automotive design is. This award gave me a more solid belief in the design I was thinking of. It is now possible to think more deeply about the three-dimensional design and the future, including story, problem solving, culture, and humanity, not just aesthetics.

Why did you get into automotive design?
When I was a child, I saw a Jaguar f-type 1961 on TV and fell in love with it, and I had a dream of becoming an automotive designer. But, crucially, the reason I dreamed of becoming an automotive designer was because I felt the great attraction of being able to design a car that includes both artistry, sports, culture, industry, and human life.

What’s next for you?
I will try to design for future human life. In particular, in the present day when the future is uncertain due to COVID 19, I would like to do an automotive design based on various perspectives that can help and focus on people, not just cars. And for a better future, we will prepare to become the answer to everyone's problem-solving in the future.