Matthew Lincoln
Coventry University
What made you enter the competition?
I was made aware of this prestigious competition after seeing Jake Lockyer from Coventry University win the European category last year. Seeing the great exposure that this competition has on a global platform was exactly what an aspiring designer, such as myself , needed. I was happy with the standard of my project and thought I would give it a shot.

What does it mean to have won the Europe region?
It is a great feeling and has given me a massive confidence boost in my own work, which I think as a recent graduate is something I need. I have seen some of the other great work submitted for this year’s European competition and It is an absolute pleasure to have been chosen as the winner. It has also been a pleasure to read some of the positive comments about my project from the judging panel but also the automotive design community.

Why did you get into automotive design?
I have always been interested in design and the aesthetics of the world we live in, from architecture, product and automotive perspectives. It was when choosing which course to do at University, that my real passion for Automotive design started. My main goal and focus from that point has always been to have something I have helped to design drive down the street and see it in the flesh.

What’s next for you?
I am really excited and motivated to start my career in the industry, even with the tough climate at this moment in time. I hope to find a position in an exterior design team whether this is as a graduate or as an intern, in which I can develop my skills even further and help create the future. The accreditation and exposure that this competition has given me will hopefully help me to take this next step.