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    Nissan Geniss


    As part of developing a new family of global cars over the next two years, Nissan have showcased the Geniss, the first Nissan car ever to have its world release in China. The Geniss concept is a 'luxurious, yet practical' vehicle, and was developed at the Nissan Technical Center in ...

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    Nissan and Foster+Partners to reinvent the fuel station


    'Fuel Station of the Future' concept to explore how zero-emissions infrastructure will influence design

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    Nissan Ultima Coupe


    This is the first car presented by Laurens van den Acker, since he took over from Moray Callum in May this year as General Manager of the Design Division at Mazda.

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    Nissan Rogue


    The Rogue is a lightly-disguised version of the new Qashqai that has recently gone on sale in European markets.

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    Nissan Bevel


    This is an interesting counterpoint to the Ford Airstream concept, also shown at Detroit this week. The two cars have a lot of similarities in that they both explore asymmetry, they reference 1970's avant-garde, both use deeply recessed side windows and have open-plan interiors. Other Ford links continue: the front ...

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    Nissan X-Trail


    According to Nissan, the original X-Trail has been something of a surprise hit. When it was launched six years ago, the company expected sales across Europe to average 23,000 units a year.

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    Nissan Nuvu concept


    At first glance the Nuvu seems to be a Tokyo show car that got on the wrong boat: it is a small whimsical concept that looks set to go on to have no impact in any production design Nissan.

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    Nissan 370Z


    The 370Z is the most exciting new production design to debut at the LA Auto Show, although it actually debuted on October 29 in the latest Need for Speed driving game - a world first for a production car design.

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    Nissan Mixim


    The Mixim has compact electric motors powering both axles which helps it adopt the unconventional package of central driving position flanked by two passengers set slightly rearward - similar to the BMW Z13 of 1994 and McLaren F1 except for there also being a small rear seat behind the driver.

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    Infiniti Essence concept


    Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Nissan's Infiniti luxury brand, the dramatic two-door two-seat Essence concept features classic GT proportions blended with existing Infiniti design elements, pointing to the company's future design direction.

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    Nissan NV200


    The NV200 concept shows a possible design direction for a future global Nissan van.

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    Nissan GTR


    The GT-R has long been an iconic car in Japan and its appeal has spread, largely as a result of starring in Sony's Playstation 'Gran Turismo' games and movies such as '2 Fast 2 Furious'.

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    Nissan Round Box


    The exterior of the Round Box concept follows the current Japanese trend for concept cars featuring a predominantly square base section, with wheels pushed to the extreme corners and a more rounded upper body and cabin.

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    Nissan Pivo 2


    By far the most provocative and advanced of the four concepts shown here by Nissan, the Pivo 2 is a more globular version of the Pivo shown here two years ago.

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    Nissan Qazana concept


    Nissan's Qazana concept is a design study that showcases ideas for a future small crossover from the Japanese firm.

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    Nissan Murano


    This is the second-generation Murano, one of the most important show debuts at LA.

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    Nissan Fuga


    The Tokyo show wouldn't normally be pertinent to the Infiniti brand - as it doesn't sell in Japan - but the new Nissan Fuga did inadvertently become the first full-car preview of the next Infiniti M due next year, as it is a straight re-badge of its upmarket sister model.

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    Nissan Roox


    Another boxcar launch at Tokyo - this time a production model - was the skinny, tall and spacious four-seater Nissan Roox.

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    Nissan Leaf


    The Nissan Leaf is probably the most significant car of the Tokyo Motor Show.

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    Nissan Land Glider


    The Nissan Land Glider is the latest in a recent flurry of tandem-style concept cars that propose a one-plus-one seating arrangement - think Renault Twizy and VW L1 - where a single passenger sits behind the driver in a narrow-bodied and low-slung vehicle.