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“Strate School of Design in Paris is one of the world’s top 60 design schools (ranked by Business Week)”.

The school is today the top private institution in France. In 2010, Strate also settled into a brand new 3000 square meter campus in Sèvres. It has also grown from 18 students to over 500 and more than 130 teachers all professionals with careers and proven track records in the design industry. To help our students reach their full potential, we provide them with cutting-edge tools such as 3d printers and laser cutting machines. Each of our design programs reflects our vision: success will be collective, and our way of working will be collegial.

• Graduate Program in Transportation Design: Ever since its foundation, Strate has been building a strong reputation as one of the best Transportation Design schools worldwide. Without surprises, most major car manufacturers have Strate alumni within their ranks. Thanks to Strate’s hands-on approach to learning, students develop valuable skills by conducting projects. Last year our students created over 1000 projects, often in collaboration with industrial partners. Moreover, students have the opportunity to take part in master classes taught by professionals from the car manufacturing industry.

• Graduate Program in Interaction Design: This program trains designers who will create the new interactive and technology based objects, spaces and services that are radically changing the rhythm of our daily lives. Its ambition is to train tomorrow’s designers who will be able to imagine amazing, almost magical, usages of a technology that will be invisible. During this 19 month program, students will be trained to become strong professionals thanks to an intensive project based pedagogy, industrial partnerships, and a strong emphasis on all methodologies and technologies.”



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