All Tokyo 2005 articles – Page 2

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    Suzuki Ionis concept


    The Ionis is a futuristic fuel cell minicar that offers exceptional interior space for a 3.4 meter vehicle.

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    Nissan Foria concept


    The Foria is an elegant coupe that showcases Nissan's forthcoming small front-mid engine rear wheel drive platform that enables the car to have a long hood and upright screen.

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    Audi Shooting Brake concept


    Ten years ago last month, the Audi TT was shown at Frankfurt, an accurate preview of the production car that soon followed.

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    Mazda Senku concept


    The Senku follows the Sassou shown last month at Frankfurt in being a concept exploring the possible next step for Mazda's design language.

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    Honda FCX concept


    The FCX concept centres around displaying Honda's latest fuel cell technology in a 4.7meter premium car with an exceptionally spacious interior.

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    Toyota Fine-X concept


    The Fine-X focuses on two core areas: maximising its urban utility by offering exceptional space within a compact footprint and good manoeuvrability through four wheel steer; and minimising its ecological impact by using a fuel cell powertrain and environmentally friendly materials such as carbon neutral sugar cane and kenaf.

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    Volkswagen EcoRacer concept


    This was a surprise, a tiny canary yellow, mid-engine roadster concept from Volkswagen.

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    Nissan GT-R Proto


    Four years ago at Tokyo the GT-R concept car was shown, and this year the remarkably similar GT-R Proto debuts.