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Ultrafabrics specialises in the engineering, manufacturing and distribution of the highest quality polyurethane fabrics on the market. To showcase the range of textures and colours Ultrafabrics will be creating a pop up space on St Johns Square during Clerkenwell Design Week. The unique space will be called the Ultrafabrics Takumi Gallery and will highlight their special American/Japanese relationship showcasing their latest 2017 colour and trend stories alongside their newest offerings.

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Ultrafabrics rolls in to town to showcase the Ultrafabrics Takumi gallery at Clerkenwell Design Week 2016

Ultrafabrics is rolling into Clerkenwell Design Week in style via an Airstream, this iconic piece of 20th century American design, will host the Ultrafabrics Takumi Gallery, highlighting their special American/Japanese relationship.

Taking up residency in St Johns Square, the Ultrafabrics Takumi Gallery showcases the latest collections of high performance, tactile upholstery fabrics including, Ultratech, Ultratech Eco Tech and Helix, alongside the latest colour trends.

Ultrafabrics specialises in the engineering, manufacturing and distribution of the highest quality polyurethane fabrics on the market. Merging six decades of passion and experience with unique technology and an artisan process from Japan, Ultrafabrics creates the most enhanced fabrics on the market and services a diverse range of markets including Accessories, Automotive Aviation, Corporate, Dental, Government Healthcare, Higher Education, Hospitality Marine, Outdoor, Residential, Restaurant and RV.

Ultrafabrics is composed of polyurethane that is non-toxic, has low VOCs and is compliant with industry standards for indoor air quality and does not contain any volatile plasticizers and potentially toxic stabilizers found in PVC. One of the key benefits is that all Ultrafabrics products have a longer life span than both PVC and genuine leather.

New collections include the Ultratech range; a ground breaking fabric that combines state of the art performance with a sensory experience unmatched by any material before it. Ultratech unites artisanship and technology creating a new fabric beyond traditional polyurethane varieties. Cove has an elegant micro-beaded texture in a beautifully bold colour palette. Helix has a distinctive dimensional geometric pattern which creates a depth and texture to the fabric whilst Ultratech Eco Tech creates a striking statement with its unique shagreen texture.

Highlighting their 2017 colour stories and trends, alongside their newest offerings, the Takumi gallery will be a key destination during Clerkenwell Design Week




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