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  • Zeta-09.jpg

    CCotW: Bertone Delfino and Zagato Zeta 6 (1983)


    Two remarkable coupés presented an alternate future for Alfa Romeo GT cars

  • The Hillman Zimp red

    Concept Car of the Week: Hillman Zimp [1964]


    The Hillman Imp was manufactured from 1963 to 1976 for the Rootes Group, then later for Chrysler’s European group. It was sold in the lineup of a number of marques – Hillman, Singer, and Sunbeam – and in a number of configurations; coupé, saloon, estate (the Husky), a van and others. It was meant to be a direct competitor to the BMC Mini, and the two cars did fight it out for supremacy in the subcompact/starter car market, at least for a few years.

  • Zagato 09

    100 years (nearly) of Zagato


    A fabulous exhibition of the coachbuilder's art

  • Nart1

    Concept Car of the Week: Cadillac N.A.R.T. (1970)


    A racing team's redesigned Eldorado, by Zagato

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    Zagato makes a one-off two-wheeler


    Zagato takes "a digression beyond the car universe"

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    Zagato Bentley GTZ


    Based on the Continental GT Speed and using the same mechanicals, the Bentley GTZ is Zagato Atelier's take on the luxury GT.

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    Zagato Perana Z-One


    This is not the usual one-off for a wealthy collector, but rather a cut-price limited-edition two-seater model that will be produced in South Africa at the rate of 999 per year and retail for ‘under €50,000,' according to Zagato publicity.

  • Zagato Maserati Mostro 01

    New Car: Zagato Maserati Mostro


    Zagato celebrates Maserati's centenary year with five race-derived road cars

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    Detail: Zagato 500


    Sitting next door to a Lancia stand, where Lancias were badged as Chryslers, and Chryslers as Lancias (yes – we’re confused too) the Zagato 500 coupe struggled for attention