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Day One: December 2nd, 2020

Eastern Standard Time
08:00-17:00 (EST)

Design Review: Ford Bronco

Every precise design detail, all the way down to exterior bolt downs, will be covered to show the Bronco family is both visually stunning and that design was led by functionality.

This session includes a 15 minute live Q&A with the Ford design team.

  • Paul Wraith, Chief Designer at Ford Motors
  • + Ford design team

Suite: Photorealism & Creativity for Digital Materials with Substance

Substance by Adobe will present how to use Substance materials within 3D tools (VRED, Deltagen, UE4, Unity, …) to improve realism and CMF creativity in digital.

  • Pierre Maheut, Head of Special Projects, 3D & Immersive at Adobe

Fireside Chat: Human-Centric Design

Putting users at the heart of form, tech and material decisions.

  • Robin Page, Head of Design at Volvo Cars

Design Review: Hummer

The design challenge was to keep the iconic look and feel – the turret upper, steep approach angles and imposing look – but contemporize it to reflect the modern EV powertrain and the technology within.

This session includes a 15 minute live Q&A with the Hummer design team.

  • Phil Zak, Executive Design Director and Global Brand Champion for Chevrolet at Hummer
  • + Hummer design team

Panel Discussion: Magna Exteriors

In a 2020 world, how are students imaging transportation, designing for user problems and portraying the future of vehicle design. As part of this session we will touch on how student work provides insight into tomorrow’s ideas, students skills and what to look for in your next designer.

  • Larry Erickson, Global Director of Exteriors Design at Magna Exteriors
  • Crystal Windham, Director of Design at Cadillac Interiors
  • Jeff Hammoud, Head of Design at Rivian

Suite: Dinamica®: The Sustainable Choice

Learn more about Dinamica; the eco microfiber that guarantees eco-sustainability throughout its production & is 100% recyclable at end of life. We will touch on the ECO story of the product as well as the versatility in customizing design through color & surface design technology combinations to enhance overall aesthetic to meet your interior needs.

  • Michele Wascavage, Market Strategist at Sage Automotive

Design Review: Polestar Precept

The Polestar design team bring you a 360° review of the Polestar Precept.

This session includes a 15 minute live Q&A with the Polestar design team.

  • Max Missoni, Polestar
  • + Polestar design team

Panel Discussion: Tomorrow’s Vehicle Launches Today

The new normal for virtual car debuts sponsored by Prefix.

  • Eric Zeile, President at Prefix
  • Anders Warming, Owner & Designer at Warming Design
  • David Muyres, Co-Founder, VP Partnerships and Opportunity Development at Streetscope

In conversation with Frank Stephenson

Design legend Frank Stephenson has created cars for pretty much anyone who is anyone, but these days he has his sights set on the skies. Together with Frank, we will explore autonomous vehicles, air taxis, and the role of the designer in determining how this technology will shape our cities and lives.

  • Frank Stephenson, Design Director at Frank Stephenson Design

Design Review: Jeep Grand Wagoneer

The all-new Grand Wagoneer Concept marks the rebirth of a classic and premium American icon, providing a vision of what the modern expression of the original, ultimate, premium SUV can be.

This session includes a 15 minute live Q&A with the Jeep design team.

  • Chris Benjamin, Head of Jeep®, Chrysler and Advanced Interior Design
  • La Shirl Turner, Head of Advanced Color and Materials Design/
  • Tome Jovanoski, Chief Designer – Jeep® Exterior Design Studio 2
  • Vince Galante, Head of User Experience Design

Day Two: December 3rd, 2020

Pacific Standard Time
09:00-16:30 (PST)

Design Review: VW Nivus

JC Pavone, Head of Design at Volkswagen South America talk us through the development of the Nivus – the first ever VW designed in South America but aimed at the European market.

  • JC Pavone, Head of Design at Volkswagen South America

Design Review: Cadillac Lyriq

The Cadillac design team bring you a 360° review of the new Lyriq.

This session includes a 15 minute live Q&A with the Cadillac design team.

  • Andrew Smith, Executive Director at Global Cadillac Design
  • + Cadillac design team

Fireside Chat: Developing and Diversifying Talent

Nurturing designers from different backgrounds, gender and perspectives with the College for Creative Studies.

  • Paul Snyder, Chair of Transportation Design at CCS
  • + CCS students

Design Review: Lucid Air

The Lucid Motors team will take us on a unique journey from the early stages of the company – the establishment of its ethos, goals, and values – and illustrate how the evolution of these elements has shaped the design and development of the stunning Lucid Air.

This session includes a 15 minute live Q&A with the Lucid Motors design team.

  • Derek Jenkins, Vice President of Design
  • Sue Magnusson, Creative Director, CMF
  • Joann Jung, Creative Director, Interior
  • Jenny Ha, Senior Designer, Exterior
  • Nathan Barbour, Creative Director, Brand

Fireside Chat: The Magna Bold Perspective Award

Join Larry Erickson as we announce this year's winner of the Magna Global Bold Perspective Award 2020.

  • Larry Erickson, Global Director of Exteriors Design at Magna Exteriors

Design Review: GAC Enpulse

The stunning and ultra-modern GAC ENPULSE, designed in California at GAC Advanced Design Los Angeles, is creating a significant milestone as a production feasible concept and a new breed of sustainable electric sports car. As a convertible, The ENPULSE has been designed for the pure enjoyment of the open-air driving experience.

  • Pontus Fontaeus, Executive Design Director
  • Taeho Kim, Chief Creative, Interior Design
  • Nicolas David, Chief Creative, Exterior Design
  • Jonny Wicks, Chief Creative, 3D Design
  • Hyunsoo Kim, Senior Lead Creative, Exterior Design
  • Don Kabongo, Creative interior Designer
  • Tae Park, Creative Digital Sculptor
  • Rodrigo Caula, CMF Consultant

Panel Discussion: The Agile Design Studio and Collaborating remotely

Design innovation takes collaboration and time. With tools like Alias, VRED and Shotgun, Autodesk show how you can automate and streamline processes with a single digital pipeline while working collaboratively in today’s remote working environment.

  • Autodesk team

Design Review: Land Rover Defender

Hear from the Land Rover team from the Warwickshire studio for a fascinating insight into the creative challenge of replacing one of the world’s last iconic vehicles - the Defender.

This session includes a 15 minute Q&A with the Land Rover design team.

  • Massimo Frascella, Creative Director
  • + Land Rover design team