CDN Student Awards China 2022


Deadline to enter competiton is 29th April 2022



Within ZGH (Zhejiang Geely Holdings) there are many automotive brands offering a diversified range of mobility covering most areas of the market. We support these brands with design studios around the globe with best combinations of skills and experience to aid or sometimes compete in the spirit of competitive collaboration, we believe it brings out the best creative ideas, innovative processes which ultimately makes each of the brands unique and compelling.

This year we have teamed up with CDN to offer multiple chances for all students who get shortlisted to get first-hand experience and mentorship from our teams around the world. The various winners will also get a chance to experience working within a choice of studios, obviously that location may vary depending upon the current state of travel, but we know everyone has unique circumstances and we will try to make the best experience in each case.

We are looking forward to seeing the creative works to tomorrow superstars, visions of futures you may be able to realise one day. As a professional team we embrace ideas from any source. In the last few years, we have had graduate’s themes selected and taken into full successful production. We do not look at the experience or background of the designer or designers when we evaluate a proposal we concentrate on the idea, the creativity, the spark. We can not wait to see yours!


The year 2036 will be the 50th anniversary of ZHG. To mark that future occasion, we ask you to consider creative ideas to fit this 2036 world. There is no need for an electric look anymore as all cars have full electric powertrains for some years. Aliens still haven’t revealed themselves to us and still haven’t bought us kryptonite or shape shifting metals. Autonomous driving is level 5 for the more premium brands. Level 3 is standard on all others. All transport is connected and communicating always. All cars are using sustainable materials and manufacturing is at least carbon neutral. New customer focused features, new body styles/form language and fantastic design to suit are the differentiators.

Take at least two of our brands (One option to create a new one) and create an amazing vehicle design for each one to show how they evolve and how they can collaborate or co-exist. Please illustrate both vehicles with exterior and interior and any features for both. You could rationalise their eco system, battery sharing like a DIY kit that’s lets you use some basic components with specialised parts for different uses, or devices that will talk to each other with a benefit to the owner? If your sports car could talk to your city car what would they arrange for your benefit? Do they have different personalities, or do they share one that moves with you?


Brand 1


A New Brand

This option is for you the designer to disrupt conventions and define a new brand for which you design their key product. One that maybe fills a gap or creates a new pull in the market. If you choose this option as one of your brands, please give us your thinking behind it. You decide who its for, why it exists, its unique offer, how it is used, its logo, its signature colour, you are its CEO (and design boss!) you decide everything!

Brand 4

logo website


ZEEKR is our electric high-end brand. We believe in the human capacity to make this planet a better place. With every breath, with every decision, with every thought we strive for “innovation for a better future”. We build on Premium, Sport and Wellbeing to improve everyone’s life.


Brand 2

Geely logo webiste

Geely Auto

Being our most widespread and high-volume brand, we strive to meet the demands of our customers across a huge market. The spirit of our Expanding Cosmos philosophy inspires us to constantly search and strive for the best value in latest tech and ahead of the curve design with a hint of our Chinese soul.



Brand 5

Lotus logo website


Famed for aerodynamics, ultimate performance and being ‘For The Drivers’, Lotus is in the midst of transformation from a low-volume UK sportscar maker to being a global performance car business and brand. Under the stewardship of major shareholder, Geely, no fewer than five cars will be introduced in the next five years. This product-led offensive began in 2019 with the introduction of the world's first electric British Hypercar - Evija - the most powerful production car in the world.


Brand 3

Link-co logo website

Lynk & Co

Lynk & Co is a global automotive brand formed as a joint venture between Geely Auto Group and Volvo Car Group that dares to challenge the established automotive industry with an offering that meets the needs and requirements of a new generation of globally connected consumer.





Interior Space Award

A pleasant, surprising combination of materials and textures, with autonomous driving and future mobility in focus too.


Exterior Design Award

Must be visually exciting and adventurous, breaking the mould with the future as an inspiration.


Sustainability Award

Humanity’s impact on the planet is causing increasingly severe issues. Your sustainable transportation design helps solve them.


Best Innovation

The idea or concept that most effectively breaks new ground and could positively affect automotive design the most.


Best Use of Materials Award

A pleasant, surprising combination of materials and textures that work in harmony.


Best Answer to Brief Award

The student whose entry meets the OEM’s brief requirements combined with the highest quality of execution.


Best Presentation Material Award

Aesthetically intriguing and the fluidity of the piece embodies visual creativity.


Best Focus On User Centered Design Award

Answers to the question of how to make the vital link between human and machine intuitive and obvious.