An Experience Giving You a Decisive Edge

Experience the full conference program on our new intuitive platform, bringing together thought leadership, AI-powered networking, audience interactions and engagement opportunities through enhanced exhibitor profiles.
CDD Asia_Experience_Personal Schedule

Personal Schedule

A customisable schedule to feature your own meetings and favourite sessions across the two days.
CDD Asia_Experience_Watch & Interact

Watch & Interact

Engage with expert speakers through Q&A's and polls where you can ask burning questions to give you the decisive edge.
CDD Asia_Experience_AI Matchmaking

AI Matchmaking

AI-powered matchmaking for bespoke recommendations to help you connect and grow your network.
CDD Asia_Experience_Exhibitor Profiles & Products

Exhibitor Profiles & Products

A virtual exhibition to meet with leading suppliers for insights on innovative products and services.
CDD Asia_Experience_F&Qs


We understand that you may have questions about attending a virtual conference, so to help, we have put together a list of FAQs.

If your question hasn’t been answered, or you would like more information, please contact us.

What is AI-powered matchmaking?      +

When you first log in to the platform, you will be presented with recommendations based on your interests.  The AI-powered matchmaking engine will then continually deliver more recommendations as you engage with the platform.  All attendees can show interest, chat and request a meeting with any of their matchmade recommendations or indeed anyone else attending the event.

TOP TIP – to get the best recommendations of people to meet and increase the chances that people accept your meetings, it is crucial to complete your personal profile.

How do I access the conference content?      +

Within the ‘agenda’ tab you can find a list of all sessions for each day.  Each session will be ‘livestreamed’ within the event platform, so when it's time, all you need to do is click play to watch.  The sessions will have interactive features such as Polls and Q&A.  If you are unable to join live, you will be able to access all sessions on-demand within the platform.

How do I join a meeting?      +

All meetings are housed within the virtual event platform so no need for any additional software like Zoom, Skype or Teams. You will receive an incoming meeting request via notifications on the platform or in your email.  Accepting them will automatically sync them to your personal calendar.

Once in a meeting you can turn your video on/off, mute yourself, share your screen and add others to the meeting.  A chat box also allows you to share information and links for future reference.

Can I manage my own time at the event?      +

We know you are super busy which is why one of the key features Within “My Profile” allows you to set your availability.  Simply, mark each hour of the day if you are available/unavailable.  During any time slots marked ‘unavailable’, your fellow attendees will not be able to schedule meetings with you at this time.

Where can I find exhibition profiles?      +

The exhibitor list can be found on the left-hand side of the homepage, where you can scroll through an alphabetical list or via search.  You can also use a search filter to find the products of interest.  By clicking on a product, you can see more information, which exhibitor is offering it, as well as the exhibitor’s representatives associated with that product.