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We are a creative powerhouse, crafting end-to-end customer experiences for a wide range of clients in mobility, automotive, medtech and industrial design.

Experience Studios is where brand meets product. We connect the dots from brand strategy and innovation through to the physical design of products and services. We are a new kind of design agency, for a new kind of world, where customer experience is the nucleus of everything we do.

We have built a design studio around the core of User Experience Design. This means that we craft end-to-end products and services built from the ground up. We are the fusion of a brand agency and a physical design team and we believe that an object’s beauty is held within both its aesthetic value and its usefulness.

Our client-focused approach to design puts the Why before the What. When we understand Why, we use our skills and knowledge to make the What into a hugely compelling, emotionally engaging, connected product or service.

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