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Ink Invent BV is a visionary company driven by insatiable curiosity and a profound mission to contribute to the design of a more beautiful and safer traffic environment. Developing their revolutionary and award-winning achievement, RheoLight™ - Crystal Glass Pigments, since 2018.

The 2nd generation RheoLight, launched in 2023, represents an unprecedented leap in pigment technology as the world's first perfectly round Crystal Glass Pigments in the range of 1-10µm. Exquisitely engineered to meet the rigorous standards of high-end automotive applications, RheoLight now offers unparalleled new design freedom for the automotive and mobility industry and transcends the traditional color landscapes while ushering in a transformative paradigm shift in both the perception and functionality of colors.

With their remarkable visibility and object detection enhancement capabilities, Ink Invent’s Crystal Glass Pigments elevate safety for all traffic participants and empower cutting-edge ADAS technologies like LiDAR with improved object detection and determination capabilities.

Ink Invent stands as a testament to the seamless fusion of dedicated expertise and innovation, reshaping the future of color functionality and leaving an indelible mark on the industry For more information visit www.rheolight.com