Lynk & Co’s new headquarters is a world away from Scandi minimalism, but “wrong in just the right way,” according to CEO Alain Visser 

Self-styled ‘rude rebel’ of the automotive industry Lynk & Co has released images of its redesigned headquarters in Gothenburg. The mobility brand’s brutalist concrete building had been fitted-out by Lynk & Co’s own design team and New Order Arkitektur, with artwork from Swedish artist Ekta.

The interior design is nothing if not exuberant, channeling a Silicon Valley aesthetic a long way removed from Scandi minimalism. So, we have giant smiley faces, dotted sofas and red meeting room tables. Much of the furniture has been sourced second-hand to keep with a sustainable ethos and give the space a lived-in feel. Similarly, the architects encouraged the tradesmen to leave their measurements on the walls. 

“When picking out the floor for the building, we really got on the contractor’s nerves. Whichever floor they showed us, it was too neat. Too nice-looking. We wanted raw. And when they took us to a warehouse to show what a botched concrete floor looked like, we fell in love. For them it was wrong. For us, it was wrong in just the right way,” said Lynk & Co Alain Visser.