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GM Advanced Design China

Harry Sze and his team at GM Advanced Design China talk about the impact of speed on design and the struggle to retain warmth

The visionary team at GM Advanced Design China discuss the impact of speed in design and how ‘fast fashion’ is starting to play a worrying role. The auto industry moves rapidly, and perhaps nowhere is this truer than in China. But speed doesn’t need to take precedence over quality. Furthermore, there are dangers that come with designing in a world that is saturated by social media and information, where Pinterest-led designs cause a loss of warmth. 

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Led by design director Harry Sze, the newly expanded facility, which is located in Shanghai, is tasked with creating mobility solutions that will shape the way in which people travel and live for years to come. Sze hopes for a future full of colour and sensuality, fuelled by credible data, innovative technologies, and cross-industry influence.


Harry Sze, Design Director, GM Advanced Design China

Ahyoung Min, Creative Design Manager, GM Advanced Design China

Chris Yin, Senior Operations Manager, GM Advanced Design China

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