Watch: Standex explains its cutting edge Manta project

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More environmentally-concerned consumers have prompted a shift in materials and aesthetics. In response, Standex’s design arm, Architexture, has launched the Manta project. In conversation with Car Design News’ editor, the team document the story of the project

Custom textures are designed to unite form with surface, amplifying the quietest details with thoughtful expression and function. The market is shifting away from traditional leather-look grains to find alternatives that align with progressive design movements, aimed to satisfy a more environmentally-focused consumer. As a result, Architexture Design Consultancy, the design studio of Standex Engraving Mold-Tech, is on a journey to explore the art of the possible with the Manta project – a graceful form that has inspired beautiful textures that work just as hard to hide molding flaws as traditional leather grains.

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Every step of creative collaboration is being documented from inception, to prototyping, engraving and manufacturing the final parts. In a wide-ranging conversation with CDN editor James McLachlan, the team talks through the project: from ideation to finished article.  

Panel Speakers:

Mike Miller, Head of Design, Architexture

Marion Jaillant, Graphic Designer, Architexture

Jack Wu, General Manager, VP of Sales Asia Pacific

Val Grinberg, Director of Operations, GS Engineering

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