Car Design Dialogues: Data-driven Interiors

Car Design Dialogues Sabine Lapine

An expert panel including designers from GAC, Hyundai, Lincoln and Stellantis examine how data is shaping the design of car interiors 

Car Design Dialogues: Data-driven Interiors saw the discussion focus on interior design, and specifically the way in which data is being leveraged to connect with the consumer. Designers from GAC, Hyundai, Lincoln and Stellantis considered their individual approaches to collecting data, and how it is then used to create a unique in-car experience.

Panellist Sabine Lapine, a freelance CMT consultant who worked on the recent Mullen 5 with Thurner Design, explained how her approached changed on the design of the car. ”Colour and materials is an emotional experience but we did not have physical models to work with so it was about looking at the data. For example, we decided to elimnate the stitching on the seats because the data was so clean that the stitching would almost destroy the design.”

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