First Sight: De Tomaso P72


Design review of the star debutant of Goodwood FOS 2019, the De Tomaso P72, with the man who designed it, Jowyn Wong of Wyn Design

One can never be certain what you will find at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, which has essentially come to serve as Britain’s only international motor show as well as a grand, noisy showcase of over a century of motorsport history… and sure enough, we were caught by surprise. Tucked away behind the Cartier Style et Luxe concours lawn, outside the Stable Yard which flanks the south side of Goodwood House, was a gleaming red-and-copper shape nobody had ever seen before – yet which appeared to have been beamed in from the late 1960s (and given bigger wheels).

The sky-blue plinth on which it sat revealed its identity as the first new De Tomaso to enter production since the original company went into liquidation in 2004: the P72.

Classic De Tomasos – a Vallelunga, Mangusta and a trio of Pantera iterations – were gathered around it as if praying at the altar of this voloptuous vessel for the brand’s revival… and probably also serving to educate the uninitiated as to why the name is supposed to matter.

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