Lancia hopes to usher in a new EV era with the Pu+Ra HPE, which recalls legendary models of the past like the Stratos while working with furniture brand Cassina to create a timeless Italian aesthetic

Lancia, one of Italy’s oldest car brands, signaled a new era with the launch of Pu+Ra HPE fully electric concept car. The OEM has collaborated with furniture brand Cassina to create what it describes as a typically “home feeling” experience.

That said, there is little homeliness when it comes to the exterior design, which channels elements from the legendary Stratos, namely the circular taillights, into its streamlined form. There is also a place for less well-known models of the past with the rear window is also recalling the “sub-blind” detail of the 1970s Beta HPE. The nomenclature HPE is also lifted from the Lancia Beta but now stands for High Performance Electric rather than High Performance Estate. Another nod to the past is the greeny-blue colour, which points to the Lancia Flaminia Azzurro Vincennes.

The front mask is defined by three blades of light, streaking vectors eminating from the resdesigned Lancia logo. Lancia’s design team has deployed classic geometric shapes: the circle and the triangle, shot through with off-piste detailing to set out a progressive design language. So, we have a circular roof light, IP and central console tables for front and rear passengers. 

The interior is where the collaboration with Cassina becomes more apparent with the front seats taking inspiration from Vico Magistretti’s Maralunga armchairs for Cassina. The idea was to create and eclectic space reminiscent of the Italian home.

Materials-wise, there are some interesting choices: the seats are clad in recycled wool while the ocher door panels are made from material consisting of up to 50% waste from marble dust and recycled fabric, which is waterproof, and made by Limonta and the startup Fili Pari. The rear and lower part of the interior features a velvety nubuck (by Poltrona Frau), produced in Italy in a certified supply chain that is free of chrome tanning.

In terms of UX, Lancia will the guinea pig for parent company Stellantis’ Chameleon technology and TAPE (Tailored Predictive Experience) technologies, which will control sound, air and light to suit the anticipated passenger needs.

“The Lancia Pu+Ra HPE is the brand vision for the next ten years that takes the brand into the era of electric mobility and sums up our way of conceiving and experiencing the car. Starting with the new Ypsilon, our cars of the future will be inspired by the Lancia Pu+Ra HPE,” stated Luca Napolitano, CEO of Lancia.