Neta’s Eureka moment


Unveiled at the 2020 Beijing Auto Show, the striking Eureka 03 signals Chinese EV start-up Neta’s burgeoning design ambitions. 

A few years back there was no shortage of Chinese EV start-ups. If you believed the headlines you would think that actually only three of them WM Motors, NIO, Xpeng and perhaps now Li Auto were making anything in the way of significant sales. Neta, a brand from Hozon, managed to sell a reasonable 10,006 in 2019 and now has two models on sale with another about to hit the market.

Making its debut at the Beijing Auto Show, the new Eureka O3 is the latest in a line of concepts from the company bearing the Eureka name. Compared with Neta’s small production hatchbacks and SUVs, the Eureka 03 is very different. Not only is it much bigger, measuring in at 4.8 metres length with a wheelbase alone of 2.9 metres, the car is a 4 door coupe – a style seen quite a lot with concepts at this year’s Beijing show, but not a body shape popular with Chinese consumers.

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