Space Zeeker: Lynk & Co’s Zeekr 001


Designed to deliver on a promise of ’no more boring EVs’, Lynk & Co’s Zeekr 001 has it roots in the Zero concept. Stefan Rosén, vice president Lynk & Co Design explains more

“Because it has bespoke architecture, we wanted the car to be bespoke, and give these cars the best chance,” says Stefan Rosén, vice president Lynk & Co Design. Geely Holding’s new Zeekr 001 was designed in Sweden and rides on the new SEA (Sustainable Experience Architecture) platform.

Designed with a mandate of ‘no more boring EVs’ what does this actually mean? “We didn’t want to just do a BEV drivetrain, it was the starting point of something new,” Rosén elaborates. One important aspect in making it appeal to customers was to make the car attractive through design and not just drivetrain. To accommodate the batteries needed for long range, the wheelbase is very long at 3 metres. “If you have such a long wheelbase and sit on top of it you could end up with what are normally considered awkward proportions, so we asked ourselves how we could do this really attractively,” says Rosén.

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