Designer Interview: Shao Jingfeng, SAIC

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From CDR6: SAIC’s global design director talks us through the transformation of Roewe and MG design

SAIC now consists of two brands, Roewe, which is sold in China, and MG, also sold outside China. I started working for SAIC VW in 1999, when I was responsible for the styling of Roewe, and since 2011, the MG vehicles too. I used to work for the Germans and now I am trying to understand British culture – for MG, this is key. The Roewe design philosophy is ‘emotional rhythm’; its idea is to combine Western design principles with Oriental aesthetic culture, to bring high quality, confident and elegant products. The MG design philosophy we have developed in our UK and Shanghai studios is ‘emotional dynamism’; it’s based on mainstream classic British aesthetics, echoing the emotional demands in the era of artificial intelligence. It conveys a sense of charm and allure. 

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