Metasketching: an interview with Mike Jelinek


Michel Jelinek is an artist, designer, and researcher practicing in Czechia near Prague. He has a strong automotive design background having worked with Škoda, Volkswagen, PSA, and General Motors Europe. Jelinek spoke to Car Design News about advancing the next generation of design tools via his work at Wacom 

Michel Jelinek is an artist, designer, and researcher who has also worked extensively with computer software for the design professions, having worked with Autodesk, and currently with Wacom, advancing the next generation of design tools.

Although much of his work at Wacom is top-secret, Jelinek agreed to sit down with us and discuss his research into sketching, ideation and human perception. Much of this research is revealed in his “Metasketching” project, which looks beyond traditional sketching to new concepts of ideation. An exhibition of his “Metasketching” project is currently on display at University of Western Bohemia through June and will then travel. The galleries pictured here show some of his work and the process.

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