Interior Motives: Dacia Manifesto

Dacia Manifesto steering wheel instrument cluster

Dacia has torn up the rulebook with its latest concept. Originally a thought experiment for the company’s brand values, the Manifesto project quickly snowballed into concept that was driven from the inside out

There is some exciting work coming out of Paris, but perhaps not from the brand you’d initially expect. Renault’s sister brand Dacia recently revealed the Manifesto, a balls-to-the-wall concept that does away with doors and windows and revels in the great outdoors.

The team managed an astonishing body of work in the space of just six months, moving twice as fast as usual to put together a concept like this. Airless tyres, exterior cargo mounts and a single headlight capture the eye immediately. This is no normal Dacia. But look past the radical exterior and it is inside the cabin where things get really interesting. 

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