Pebble Flow electric RV features sleek design, simplified interface

Pebble Mobility RV Laura and Page 2

A Silicon Valley startup led by a former Apple engineer has just revealed its first RV, with former Faraday Future and BMW designer Page Beermann leading the studio. CDN correspondent Laura Burstein got an exclusive first look

California-based startup Pebble Mobility is bringing a sleek, modern aesthetic to the RV world. Recreational vehicles have long been a bland desert of blocky forms, beige vinyl and tacky graphics. But a new generation of entrepreneurs and designers wants that to end.  

“If you look at a lot of RVs, it’s just flat materials, they’re not painted, and they’re not necessarily aesthetic,” said Pebble head of design Page Beermann, who joined the company last May after more than eight years at Faraday Future (and who came from BMW/Designworks before that). 

Pebble Mobility was founded by a former Apple engineer who rented an RV during the pandemic and realised the current offerings, well, sucked. Not only did the choices on the market have all the visual appeal of a meth lab, the technical operation left much to be desired.

At an exclusive visit to Pebble’s HQ in Silicon Valley, not far from…

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