The Geneva Motor show goes to Doha

National Museum of Qatar

Car Design News was at the Doha edition of the Geneva Motor Show to host the Future Design Forum. Here’s our take on the show 

Of all the recent motor show news, one particular story had people scratching their heads. The Geneva International Motor Show…in Doha. There is no doubt GIMS (Geneva International Motor Show) is hampered by the geo-specificity of its name. When your brand is wedded to a place, it is hard to pop up somewhere else without provoking quizzical looks. 

And there was a perception, perhaps owing to the multiple false starts of the Geneva show itself during covid, that the show was permanently relocating to the Middle East. Not the case. The intention is to host the Doha edition every other year while the main show will return to Switzerland in 2024. 

How compelling a proposition is the Doha show? There was certainly a concerted effort from both GIMS and the Qatari government to create an impact. A representative from the Ministry of Tourism opened the event declaring the…

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