Wrap up: IAA Mobility Design show


Read on for CDN’s round-up of the IAA Mobility Design conference in Munich

By 8am, there was a car in the lake directly opposite the main hall. As it turns out, this may not have been the ideal stage for an environmental protest given the resident population of fish and ducks. Save for a few onlookers, this spectacle would not prove too disruptive to proceedings at the 2023 IAA in Munich, an event that, ironically, has reshaped itself to address urban transportation challenges, improve air quality and boost road safety.

The IAA Mobility Design Conference was a three-way partnership between Car Design News, Konzepthaus and the organisers of the IAA itself. Drawing in more than 400 attendees, the day of discussions and workshops served as a honeypot for designers, attracting some of the biggest names not only in Europe but further afield in Asia and North America.

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