EV design: must form follow function or could design electrify consumers?


With growth in electrified powertrains set to soar, OEMs have more opportunities to showcase EVs’ unique design possibilities, and use them to win over hearts and minds on the road to electrification

What is often lost in debate over electromobility is the importance of desirability and appeal. The same factors that attract customers to SUVs and premium vehicles will attract them to EVs, including performance and interior space, as well as intangibles like style and elegance. There are elements of design and engineering specific to EVs that enhance these factors, which Tesla has already shown, and for which others are catching up.

But as we forecast significant global growth for EV sales over the next decade, OEMs will need to take better advantage of these design possibilities, including the use of dedicated platforms and architectures.

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Automotive Intelligence

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Business intelligence by Automotive from Ultima Media

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