A new book on Lamborghini focuses on the brand’s design history

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Author Gautam Sen has turned his attention to Lamborghini to examine the legendary Italian marque’s design pedigree. Car Design News spoke to him about what readers can expect from this extensive tome 

Lamborghini: At the Cutting Edge of Design by Gautam Sen, Branko Radovinovic and Kaare Byberg promises an in-depth, and not uncritical look, at the legendary Italian brand. Car Design News spoke to Sen about the book. 

There have been many books written about Lamborghini – what sets this one apart?

Yes, there have been many books on Lamborghini, and most have been very good, with extensive coverage of the marque’s storied history, or that of some of their more famous models. Yet, none focused on the single most important aspect, which has made Lamborghini so famous: its amazing design history. Although legendary test driver Valentino Balboni has been quoted as saying that Lamborghini mainly made engines and the designer’s job was simply creating a cover for that engine, what everyone sees and is attracted (or repulsed) by, are those extraordinary shapes and forms that have always covered these awesome powerpacks. This book is about those astounding designs and the intrepid designers behind those designs.

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