A roadster for the future? The Aura Concept

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A coalition of companies including Astheimer have launched a streamlined EV roadster that takes cues from Auto Union racers to improve efficiency and reduce the dreaded range anxiety

In terms of motoring romance, little compares to a small two-seater roadster. It’s a typology that Britain has excelled at over the years dating back to the days of Morgan and MG. The world is a different place compared to when those revered marques were tearing down country lanes. However, just when the sports car was starting to look increasingly irrelevant when pitted against the cultural morays of today, along comes the Aura Concept – an EV sports car that takes design cues from the golden age of motorsport as defined by the Auto Union racers of the 1930s. The Aura is about aerodynamics, yes, but with a view to improving efficiency rather than track times. To that end, it has a claimed range of about 400 miles thanks to a 88kWh system output through two 44kWh batteries, one front mounted, the other underneath the chassis for maintenance and optimum weight distribution. The Aura is the result of a coalition of four companies: Astheimer (exterior and interior design), Potenza (drivetrain and battery technology), Conjure (HMI design and development), and Bamd (materials). Car Design News spoke to Carsten Astheimer of Astheimer and Chris Tingley of Conjure to find out more. 

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