BAC explored generative design for its new Mono

BAC Mono 2020_142546

British sports car manufacturer’s design director explains how generative design and 3D printing enhanced their new Mono single seater

Few will be as disappointed at the late cancellation of the Geneva Motor Show as the people at BAC, who had a prime spot for their show stand right next to the likes of Maserati, Ferrari and McLaren, in the hopes of catching a few European supercar buyers’ eyes with their newly evolved single seater. However, undeterred, they’ve replicated their show stand within their recently built Innovation Centre at the company’s base in south Liverpool – or ‘Geneverpool’ as they nicknamed it for last week. CDN paid them a visit.

The star of their detached two-tier show stand was the new, second-generation Mono, featuring the company’s first use of a turbocharged engine. Most of the exterior design updates over the original car were first seen on the limited-run Mono R we covered last year – article here – but now that it has an EU6D-compliant engine, the rest of the car has been homologated for sale in mainland Europe too. This has led to a fresh round of detail changes compared to the R, as design director Ian Briggs explained to us.

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