BMW iX M60 and the colour-changing iX Flow debut at 2022 CES


BMW has a large stand at 2022 CES, with the iX M60, iX Flow, and various interior technologies all on show for the first time

The BMW iX M60 and the iX Flow have made their world debuts at the 2022 consumer electronics show CES. Although they share many of the same elements as the standard iX, the two variants feature design details that make them both stand out.

On the outside, the iX M60 is almost identical to the basic iX but for some sporty additions. A thin bronze line starts at the A-pillar and runs under the windows before finishing on the boot shut line at the rear. It also extends along the bottom of the wing mirrors, and the flush door handles are outlined in the same colour. The side panels and large rear bumper are given a high gloss finish, though the chunky fake exhaust outlets are body coloured. 22-inch wheels are included, and the titanium bronze alloys are exclusive to the M60 variant. The brake callipers are painted blue and include a small M logo, which is also present on the front fenders.

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