Car Design News looks at some of the design stories that may have gone under the radar over the past week. Read on for the latest from BMW, Bentley, Genesis and more…

This week’s round-up includes a polarising new design for the M5, the latest generation of the Bentley Continental GT, and an exciting concept from the folks at Genesis. But first, some news about legendary Porsche customiser, bb-Auto, which is coming to the US in a partnership with Galpin Motors. 

The return of bb-Auto

We are, admittedly, a little late to the party here but this is worth picking up. Legendary Porsche customiser bb-Auto will celebrate its 50th anniversary by bringing a concept Porsche to Monterey Car Week, paying tribute to the “Rainbow Porsche 911” from the 1970s. It will be presented at the 2024 Porsche Restoration Challenge at the Werks Reunion.  

The appearance at Monterrey will also celebrate the establishment of a partnership between bb-auto and Galpin Motors, the Southern California auto dealer superpower. Galpin already owns a Porsche dealership with a museum, a Porsche Design boutique and a Porsche-themed restaurant. Galpin will coordinate bb-auto’s customisation projects in the US.

Car Design News will have more from Monterey in August, and see more of bb-auto, visit them here


Judging by the court of social media, the new M5 – arguably the flagship of the brand – has split opinions. All the ingredients are there and it is certainly more angular than before, while the interior seems to be its most digital yet. Peruse the gallery below and come to your own conclusion – is it a positive step forward from the prior generation?

Full release here

New Bentley Continental GT

Conversely, the changes to the new GT (teased in May) are relatively subtle. The most telling difference is the evolution of the light signature, which feels far more prominent and sports an LED eyelash running through the centre of the lamp. 

Full release here

Genesis X Gran Racer VGT Concept

The Magma series of concepts continues. This time, it is full on race car. Enjoy. 

Full release here. 

Hyundai Inster 

We got a glimpse of this a couple of weeks ago, but now the covers are off. Cute and spacious? Consider our interest piqued. 

Full release here