Car Design News looks at some of the design stories that may have gone under the radar over the past week. Read on for the latest from AMG, Infiniti, Range Rover and more…

Welcome to this week’s Friday round-up of car design short stories. It’s all about editions, this time round. There are special editions, limited editions and all-new editions to speak of – plus an interesting move at the C-suite level. 

Merc GT: new engine, similar look

A two-litre AMG GT Coupe has been revealed, continuing the trend for downsized engines in AMG models. Visually, it is still a handsome-looking thing and retains the shape of its more powerful siblings. The most significant change aside from the engine is the new ducting, with a smaller side grille behind the front wheel arch and black insets on the lower mask, giving it a much wider appearance. 

Full release here.

Zeekr Mixes it up

Zeekr has revealed the Mix in China, an electric minivan with headlights that blend into a super-wide black band that wraps around the entire front of the car to each A-pillar. This black band has a party trick, though: it is in fact a digital display. We are told there is no B-pillar, which pushes the Mix into territory that has been largely dormant since the Renault Avantime. “It’s a new species,” the company tells CDN, with an interior that is designed to be more versatile than other segments. We’ll wait to see more. 

Zeekr Mix teaser images

The Zeekr Mix 

A quick Buzz

There is another Volkswagen GTX model on the block. This time it is the Buzz getting the go-faster treatment, with a power output of 340PS. From our experience, the standard Buzz was hardly lacking grunt so this should be interesting. Red and black is the preferred theme, with a gloss red bodywork and black accents, including the wheels. The interior gets similar treatment.

Full release here

To Infiniti, and beyond

The monster QX80 SUV was teased a few weeks ago under camouflage but now we can see the real thing. The production car is very close to what we saw with the QX Monograph concept previewed at Pebble Beach last year – almost eerily so. It is always pleasing to see a concept make it through unscathed.

Full release here.

New heights with the ’Whistler Range Rover’

The SV Arete Edition features a CMF theme that draws inspiration from the Canadian Rockies. The shimmering blue exterior paint pairs with an interior that has embossed triangular motifs representing mountain peaks. As with any bespoke package like this, there is a rich and exotic mix of natural materials. 

Full release here.

Isuzu D-Max electric

The new D-Max BEV has been teased, showcasing a familiar shape but sporting a new, busy front end with a closed front grille. From our experience with several variants of the diesel-powered pick-up truck, a torquey electric powertrain will be a welcome addition and the 67kWh battery pack should have a dramatic effect. The new model is being shown at the Bangkok auto show, which kicks off on 27 March. 

Full release here.

Bentley boss moves to Aston

Adrian Hallmark announced that he would be leaving Bentley Motors to pursue new opportunities. Turns out, he won’t be moving too far, shifting over to CEO of Aston Martin. While this is not directly related to design, any change in leadership will naturally bring new long-term goals that have a bearing on the design department. 

Full release here

Adrian Hallmark

Adrian Hallmark has left Bentley