Citroen unveils radically different C4

Citroen C4 charging 2

The Citroen C4 has a completely new look and an electric option, the e-C4

When viewing the original Cactus and previous generation C4 alongside the new C4, it is evident that the French OEM is moving away from the hatch and towards the SUV, with a fastback roofline and high window line. It is difficult to fully dissect the new design language (the official reveal is on June 30th) but we would guess that this marks the start of a new design direction for Citroen, one more closely aligned to its desired market. There are some Cactus cues in here, the split-level lighting array at the front remains, and some side cladding and the chunky wheelarches also nod to the previous model. However the rear of the new model is a muti-layered change of direction. Also on the exterior, the use of creases signals a car that is much less interested in the functional aesthetic.

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