Dacia’s Manifesto concept inspires new approaches to design


Car Design News caught up with Dacia’s vice president of design David Durand to discuss the exciting new Manifesto concept

Dacia’s new Manifesto concept was an exercise in tearing up the rule book according to design VP David Durand, who moved into the role in May.

This was not a concept that aimed to bridge the gap between two models in the portfolio, or a nod at how upcoming production models may look. The design team was instead given free rein to “go crazy” and reinterpret the marketing speak behind the brand’s long-term strategy: “essential, cool, robust, affordable and environmentally efficient.”

The resulting vehicle is striking, with no doors or windows, a single headlight that doubles as a handheld torch, and airless tyres. The silhouette is reminiscent of a lunar rover or an agricultural buggy that shuttles between field and farmhouse, but it is in fact inspired by adventure motorcycles. “I really liked this idea of translating an adventure bike onto four wheels. There is no filter between you and the outdoor elements. It is less about performance, and more about accessing difficult spots,” Durand explains. “We see Dacia as the ideal companion to get you to the start point of your activities – a Swiss Army knife that can be used as the base camp for a hike, to help monitor a national park, or take people to hard-to-reach places.”

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