First sight: new Hyundai Kona EV

Loasby Hyundai Kona EV seamless horizon

CDN gets a walkaround of the all-new Kona EV with head of styling Simon Loasby

CDN was recently invited to a reveal of the new Hyundai Kona which for the first time was developed from scratch as an EV. It will be sold with the usual ICE and hybrid variants, but the design philosophy was flipped – designed for battery power first and anything else second.

Our first look in the flesh came through a visit to the Cotswolds in southwest England, a setting that is far removed from the car’s origins in Namyang, Seoul, where VP and head of Hyundai styling, Simon Loasby, is based. Not long after jumping off a flight, he gave us a walkaround of the new model and made clear that this was a special project.

Parked opposite the previous generation model it’s obvious that the new Kona EV sports a fresh face with the Seamless Horizon headlights peeking through the cover. This narrow…

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